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Coaching Fundamentals

Coaching Fundamentals

Coaching Fundamentals
The coach and client enter a collaborative partnership in which they develop specific goals for the client to achieve with the guidance and encouragement of the coach. The client must have the desire to want to improve his/her life and to be willing to put forth the effort.

The coach works with the client to:
1) Assess strengths & weaknesses
2) Develop goals to take the client to the next level
3) Encourage the client to reach his/her highest potential
4) Meet goals in the most direct way possible
5) Offer support, trust and faith in his/her abilities
6) Uncover self-imposed (but often subconscious) roadblocks to the client’s success
7) Assist client in moving past psychological blocks by learning the habits and skills necessary for
long-term success

The client hires the coach to:
1) Improve her personal and/or business life
2) Hold him accountable for his actions and reaching his goals
3) Motivate and empower the client towards greatness
4) Navigate the client through life’s transitions
5) Improve the client’s performance and obtain the winning edge
6) Learn the psychological barriers to one’s own success
7) Develop the necessary skills towards long-term success

Renee Kennedy-Edwards, MS – President of Coaching 4 Success, Inc. earned her Masters degree in Educational Psychology. She has worked as a psychotherapist, counseling individuals & couples, towards goal attainment. In addition, she has incorporated psychology into the business world by using the same techniques as in psychotherapy. The common problems seen in businesses are ineffective time management, inefficient organizational skills, lack of communication, low employee retention/motivation, lack of customer service and ineffective planning/goal-setting. Businesses experience these common challenges because they are often so busy, they don’t have enough time to devote to improving these areas. These topics are addressed with the client along with providing customized solutions according to the work culture and philosophy.Her experience in human behavior is critical in teaching others the skills towards goal achievement. Underneath every business & personal issue lies a psychological component because we think, behave, and make decisions based on our psychological make-up. Often times, we subconsciously impose barriers (psychological roadblocks) to our own success. Renee has the experience to assess behavior and to educate & motivate others to improve their current skills. Most importantly, she works from a code of ethics in which she treats her client relationships with respect & confidentiality.

Renee’s approach is:

  • Direct
  • Personable
  • Constructive
  • Respectful
  • Professional

Coaching takes place in a comfortable environment for the client. Depending on the situation, it may be held at the client’s place of business, at the coaching office, or at a business/social function. Coaching may also take place over the telephone or email, depending on the situation. Tele-coaching is becoming more in demand due to the flexibility and convenience. It also offers the ability for the coach to work with clients locally and nationwide and is an added bonus to clients who travel frequently.

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Unlocking the Psychological Barriers to Success in Business and Beyond